Pathos Inhale Lyrics

Katharsis Track Listing
  • 1 Katharsis
  • 2 Inhale
  • 3 Suicidal Saviour Lies
  • 4 Violated
  • 5 Inject Reject
  • 6 Revelation
  • 7 Borrowed Time
  • 8 Detonation
  • 9 Inner Ego
  • 10 Time to Act
  • 11 Torn
  • 12 Divine Intensions (Outro)

  • Rage, it's not easy to be left behind
    Let love flow, let it flush, let it take control
    Take control, you got to...

    Inhale - let your spirit go now
    Inhale - open up your mind now
    Breathe in - set your body free now
    Inhale - open up your arms now

    Time, only time can tell the truth you seek
    And brick by brick, tear it down - uninstall
    Take control, take control...

    Lost in your anger
    Unable to let life
    Inside you
    Let joy come inside
    Fill you up...

    Inhale, breathe in and feel god...

    Heart you're in my heart
    Life is a gift from god
    Don't let it slip away
    Don't throw it all away
    Soul, you're in my soul
    I'll never walk alone
    I'll never let you slip away
    I'll never let you go...

    Inhale - breathe in
    Reload and take control, control...

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