Bludgeon Infidel Lyrics

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Answers in front of you
Afraid to see the truth
Hindering thoughts of sorrow
Shrouding your recluse

Resentment keeps you under
Drowning in disbelief
Living with this scares you suffer
Longing to be set free

I see the hate inside you
I see the pain it brings
I hear the cries before me
I feel your agony, your agony

This lie you hide behind
Blinded with ignorance
Reveals just want you'll find
A frail existence
You must erase
You must replace
Prolong disorder
Dwelling within

World Controlled Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Bitter Emptiness
  • 2 Consumed
  • 3 Infidel
  • 4 Out of Reach
  • 5 Save Your Servant
  • 6 World Controlled
  • 7 Awakening
  • 8 Hunt or Be Hunted
  • 9 Unholy Murder
  • 10 Refuse the Truth
  • 11 Carnage Begins
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