Encryptor Infernal Catastrophy Lyrics

Cryptic Works 1999-2005 Track Listing
  • 1 Infernal Catastrophy
  • 2 Post Mortem Soul
  • 3 Prohpecy Of Infinity
  • 4 The Price Of Submission
  • 5 Misfortuned At Birth
  • 6 Into The Lives Of The Unblessed
  • 7 Portal Of Demonic Torment
  • 8 Drowning In Ignorance
  • 9 Cast Into Darkness
  • 10 Rebrutalization
  • 11 Sermon Decay
  • 12 Horrific Engenderment
  • 13 Vomit Congregation
  • 14 Images Of Tragedy
  • 15 Everything Must Decompose
  • 16 Bloodflow Towards Salvation
  • 17 Nocturnal Faith Bonus Track
  • There is no turning from this Infernal Catastrophy.
    If they had accepted Christ, took the cross and changed their lives, if they had repented first,
    they would have no place in Hell.
    Corpses still suffering death, dying and dying again and again. totally absent from God.
    Reality laughed in their face.

    Lamb was slaughtered for their sins. Only some were led to this life in Christ so plentiful.
    and the rest were fools.
    Persecution of his ones. Hundreds died and were martyred. Heaven awaits our souls. Rejoice!

    Corpses stil suffering death, dying and dying again and again. Totally absent from God. Reality
    Laughed in their face...again
    Screaming will never end. Instantly burned to death. Ignorance killed their souls, dyng and
    dying again.

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