Harvey Danger Incommunicado Lyrics

Little by Littleā€¦ Track Listing
  • 1 Wine, Women, and Song
  • 2 Cream and Bastards Rise
  • 3 Moral Centralia
  • 4 Little Round Mirrors
  • 5 Happiness Writes White
  • 6 Incommunicado
  • 7 Cool James
  • 8 What You Live By
  • 9 War Buddies
  • 10 Diminishing Returns
  • 1 I Missed It
  • 2 Picture, Picture
  • 3 Writing Snippet: Cream and Bastards Rise
  • 4 Elvis, I Don't Love You Anymore
  • 5 Cold Snap
  • 6 Writing Snippet: Little Round Mirrors
  • 7 Moral Centalia (demo)
  • 8 Cream and Bastards (reprise)
  • 9 The Piano Lesson
  • 10 [untitled]
  • I wish the words would fail me just for once
    (Just once)
    Keep in incommunicado
    (You don't say a word)
    Look for the present tense
    And come to my senses
    (Come pick me up)
    Just like a despera-a-ado

    I talked for twenty minutes
    By the time the party ended you'd forgotten
    I'm still thinking about it
    Five years later

    You spoke an unfamiliar dialect
    (Comme ca?)
    Two and a half months over
    Next think I knew someone had called for the check
    (Check please)
    And you were gone before I turned it over

    I dreamed we were alone all night
    In a house made out of beds
    And nothing happened

    I think about it every time I see you
    That's when I try to remember
    There were never any terms we could agree to

    Now can I please have a moment of your time?
    (Can I please have a moment of your time?)
    For I have the strength to change my mind
    (Read my mind)

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