Too $hort In the Oaktown Lyrics

Short Dog’s in the House Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 $hort Dog’s in the House
  • 2 It’s Your Life
  • 3 The Ghetto
  • 4 Short but Funky
  • 5 In the Oaktown
  • 6 Dead or Alive
  • 7 Punk Bitch
  • 8 Ain’t Nothin’ but a Word to Me
  • 9 Hard on the Boulevard
  • 10 Pimpology
  • 11 Paula & Janet
  • 12 Rap Like Me
  • 13 The Ghetto (reprise)
  • (Verse 1):
    You hear me talking you know I'm from the O-A-K
    I tell it like it is and that's the only way
    I'm the M the A the C the K I write my rhymes everyday
    Now all you one-rap rappers what are you doin'
    I got so many raps so just go right thru 'em
    My name is Short but I rap long rhymes
    Hand me your mic I do it all the time
    Now could you be like me I hate to say it
    It's like comparin' Mickey D's and Quick Ways
    You only got 3 stores I got the whole wide world
    I get beeps everyday from your favorite girl
    But I'm such a dog I never call tha freak
    Hit it once and she was just too weak
    At my house I keep finer things
    The candy paints, got her sprung on my diamond rings
    She could live like a queen if she was Miss Too $hort
    Have 2 babies, get child support
    But at this point she gets nathin from me
    I ain't fakin' it, freak, I'm just makin' the beat
    So don't dance, ride the strip
    All day long playin' Too $hort hits
    Pop in the tape and start ridin'
    Silly young freak who started sidin'
    In the Oaktown

    Oaktown , Oaktown
    In the Oaktown
    Oaktown , Oak-Oak-Oak-Oaktown
    Oaktown , Oak-Oak-Oaktown

    (Verse 2):
    See I'm a true MC, I'm not a MC fool
    I'm just rich and famous and way too cool
    I get paid to rhyme and I do mean G'z
    You don't like my raps don't buy 'em please
    I give you no refund cause my bass is phat
    Make it hit so hard just like a punch in the back
    It's that dopefiend beat got my rap on your plate
    Tryin' to bite my style and make a demo tape
    Now could you be like me or someone else
    Bass hittin' hard like the Freaky Tales
    Oaktown style it goes just like this
    If you never heard me rap don't trip
    Cause I hit the scene with my homie Too Clean
    We slap hands like a tag team
    Some people say they don't like Cali raps
    People like that must be smokin' that crack
    I rhyme good it's been 10 long years
    Gettin' sick of all that stuff I always hear
    Too $hort can't rap, he's from the Westcoast
    Between me and you patna I sell the most
    So let's take it to the stage and don't get scared
    Cause me and Too Clean, we come well prepared
    They call me Playboy Short, and the girls I play
    Every single day
    In the Oaktown

    (Chorus): till the end

    Written by: Al Eaton, Todd Shaw
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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