Kirk Franklin presents One Nation Crew In Your Grace Lyrics

1NC Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Interlude
  • 2 Movin' On
  • 3 Unconditional
  • 4 Interlude (2)
  • 5 Breath Away
  • 6 Be Like Him
  • 7 Nobody
  • 8 Interlude (3)
  • 9 Donna
  • 10 Free
  • 11 Interlude (4)
  • 12 Hands Up
  • 13 When You Fall
  • 14 Could've Been Me
  • 15 Interlude: Prayer In Our Schools
  • 16 Lost Hearts
  • 17 I Can't Live Without You
  • 18 In Your Grace

  • How could someone like you, love someone like me
    Full of mistakes and insecurity,
    When you look in my heart, tell me what do you see, that makes you love me so?
    Is it the nails that pierced in your side?
    Or the moment you dropped your head and you died,
    For a sinner like me, you gave up your life;
    It's time to let you know


    Lord I, surrender
    And I give you, all i have
    It's not much but I hear you, calling
    So hear I am
    Standing in Your Grace

    [Small talk By Kirk]

    [All:] Lord I, surrender, I give you
    [Solo:] All I have
    [All:] It's not much but I hear you
    [Solo:] Calling
    [All:] Calling
    [Solo:] So here I am
    [All:] Standing in your Grace...Grace...
    [Solo:] So here I am, Standing in your Grace.

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