ICP (Insane Clown Posse) In Yo Face Lyrics

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(violent J)
I pop out the box, swing on a spring
big violent j wit the axe out, SHING!
trouble we bring, a juggalo thing
wicked clown wit tha boom bow bang,

(shaggy 2 dope)
Smash through the glass as the fireworks blast
shaggy the clown here to murda some ass
i be the strangala! known coast to coast
and i turn any thug into a ghost

(violent j)
some scream juggalo only when its convienent
and no they dont mean it
we sick of bein lenient
step yo ass back before the hatchet attacks
and you catch a few hacks from the axe
in yo face!

(shaggy 2 dope)
I crawl like a tarantula on my toes and thumbs
born to the carnies gypsies and bums
i spit my raps and tongues
over voodoo drums
bitch wicked shit this way comes
in yo face!

for you!
something special for you!
we got you covered homie,
something exclusive for you

(Violent j)
I was fuckin' this slut up in her dirty ass
threw the rubber out the window as we drove past
funny thing i see you standin' on the grass
and it fuckin' stuck to your mustache
in yo face!

(shaggy 2 dope)
Bang to the pow, wang to the mouth
boom go tha wicked clowns southwest style
from Pluto to your anus, we underground famous,
for doom and 808 bass booms?
in yo face!

(violent j)
I shook the hand of satin wit a cross in my palm
burnt all the flesh all the way up his arm
i wasnt scared i was giddy to do it
then i lopped his head off and threw it
in yo face!

Insane Clown Posse never gonna fade
helped yo ass get laid back in 8th grade
many years pass and we still top grade
blowin' up like a hand grenade
in yo face!


(violent j)
billy bill, jumpsteady, and Nate The Mack
down till the end n never take it back
i'd die for the hatchet, psychopathic records boys bumpin
wicked shit thumpin
in yo face!

They all wanna kill us but we already dead
and if they think we'll ever die they severely mislead
phonies out there posin' as juggalos
but they see it as a demographic to to push what have it
in yo face!

(violent j)
Neden- if u aint down wit that fuck off
i like gettin my dick sucked jacked off and salad tossed
ugly hoes, fine hoes, none go to waste
but for you, Herpe Meth head anus
in yo face!

Mike E. Clark can make the street pound legs downin, all around is surround sound one fork up and the other one down, fuckin
throwin up the wicked clown
in yo face!

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