Nas In Too Deep Lyrics

Yo Yo Yo Son
You ever felt a funny vibe
What you supposed to do?
And ya man's ain't ya man's
And ya friend's ain't ya friend's
And ya money ain't yours anymore
And *****s want to count your money
*****s want to see what the **** you got
You know what I'm sayin'
Sometimes I gotta take long trips and get away from this ****
I can't take this **** no more
This **** right here be ****ing *****s like me up, know-what-I'm-sayin'
I been exposed to too much and too long
All my *****z out there in the hood and ****
That be bringing that real ****
Put your ****ing Phillies in the air
Your Back Woods, your White Owl
Your Dutchess and we goin' smoke and ride to this **** right here
This, that, real **** here, this is the soundtrack to the realness right here
*****z in too deep, know-what-I'm-sayin'
It's all real, all live, ***** what, what *****

Yo A, yo A, yo A, yo
I thank a dead homey
Incarcerated penpal I got the feds on me
A constapated mental
Always ranged in the ghetto it's pain in the ghetto
Caskets do you believe in angels or devils?
Welfare it's dark and there's no help here
Killing cops shooting black kids to instill fear
But we still here, not afraid cracks is made stacks get made
A "g" will get you gats sprayed
At my man's funeral it's like know body care
The police get shot, the mayor and everybody there
Graffiti on the lobby stairs, kids with naughty heads is greedy
Soldiers small faces painted on the walls
I was born to ball
Rings you can't afford, name a clothes line, I then worn it before
Dictate the naked soul of Nas henny four fives
Hoe's with thick thighs be the wives of rich guys
Never trust a *****, 'cause a ***** lies
Enemys close 'cause friends switch sides when **** gets live
Dealin' with a lot of pressure, I'm in too deep
Life of a thug born and raised in the streets

[Nature:] You want war, I'mma give you war
[Nas:] I'm in too deep
[Nature:] You want peace, I'mma give you peace
[Nas:] Raised in the streets
[Nature:] You want love, I'mma show you love
[Nas:] Life of a thug
[Nature:] There's no love for me in these streets
[Nas:] I'm in too deep
[Nature:] It's just hustlers in the streets
[Nas:] Raised in the streets

Yo A, yo
When you in too deep you better climb out and find out
Are you the one they looking at 'cause when you looking back
It's your time to fear if the drama's severe
I see scars starting off at the side of they're ear
Ending up by the jaw of the throat another law broke
I try to patch it white kids is buying acid
Closing down spots popping a knot
Heard the foremores use binoculars watchin' the blocks
Calling phantom on the tape
I'm the phantom of the wax
Now meat the man behind the music examing the facts
I use it to my advantage, do this **** everyday
Like sneaking gats up in grade eight
Six Flags catch me getting on the popular rides
If a ***** violate, he get top of the line
Small hot ones locked in the spines
Transformed, roll out, pass it off to my man, no doubt
I keep shits disguising six shirts in the trunk
Imagine it gets six times worse when I'm drunk
Prepare for death first of the month
Open and rise, t's right here in front of you open your eyes
I can't explain it 'cause it's not normal
Is *****s loyal, I talk about life and live it for you, this **** is soil
Like the dirt that I walk on, you talk on
You say I had love for ya, know it's all gone, all gone


Written by: Mark Jones, Danny Williams, Paul Everton Leveridge, Ged Lynch
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

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