Paul Colman In This Garden Lyrics

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Monday morning opens once again
Will the day that greets me be my friend?
Stayed up too late last night once again
Trying to suck the marrow out of life
Again again again

The truth is terminated before it's time
Like the silence of an unwanted child
Inspiration inspiration inspiration
Come to me like a melody
'Cause I'm ready now yes I'm ready now

In this garden I'm waiting
In this garden I'm waiting

Father tells me now the worlds so bad
"Never used to be this way when I was your age!"
But we get pictures from a satellite
Finding evil that was always there but out of sight
I'm ready now
Salvation where are you and where do you hide?

I think I'd rather father live today
Influenza it won't take me to my grave
In my bedroom with my TV on
The world can entertain me
No viking ship will take me
I'll sue you if you rape me
Conscription is evaded
A black man liberated

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