King’s X In the New Age Lyrics

Out of the Silent Planet Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 In the New Age
  • 2 Goldilox
  • 3 Power of Love
  • 4 Wonder
  • 5 Sometimes
  • 6 King
  • 7 What Is This
  • 8 Far, Far Away
  • 9 Shot of Love
  • 10 Visions
  • the ancient wisdom taken from the shelf
    a light so dark a heaven that is hell
    in the new age
    could it already be
    in the new age
    through the haze I can see
    in the new age
    could it happen to me
    in the new age
    the trap is open no one even cares
    the well-disguised one hidden in their stares
    disguise your lying words with love
    depending on the good of man
    the truth the symbol of a dove
    will unmask the maker of your plans
    in the new age
    i see the blind lead the blind
    in the new age
    in the search for the mind
    in the new age
    but I know what they'll find

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