Holy Blood In the Lake of Fire Lyrics

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Darkness absorbs the minds of the people,
And people become mad beasts,
But darkness will not stay long, only before the rise of day,
And only those who runs to the light, Can save themselves.

All of my life is beside the altar,
The unearthly light is opened in front of you,
My soul is tipsy of you,
Through the darkness in me I run to You.

Lord - salvation, Jesus - the light,
That will dismiss the darkness to burn aflame,
And the day will came only for one,
Who searches the truth in his soul

Oh, save me, Lord,
Keep me from fire,
Don’t allow my soul to burn,
Lord, I run to You

My soul runs to the place where darkness has died
Where there is no evil and no grief, where the sunrises appears

The day will come and there will be no darkness
Hear the warmth of the day, there will be no grief,
The day will come and light will destroy the darkness
In the lake of fire the evil will burn

In lake of fire (4x)
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