Brisco feat. Lil Wayne In the Hood Lyrics

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[Courus: x2]
I'm in the hood, I'm in the, I'm in the hood.
I'm in the hood, I'm in the, I'm in the hood.
I'm in the hood, I'm in the, I'm in the hood.
Just sayin' if u look'n 4 me...I'm in the hood.

[Verse 1: Brisco]
I'm posted on the corner, twisting that good
I got that all black d___ie on, i'm keepin it hood.
What it is, I'm the Opa-locka goon
Got work in the trap, and the Chevy droppin soon.
See Cash Money rubberbands e'm, bands e'm
Since I got the deal, I got girls say'n he so handsome.
I'm a Dade County, Yorker Boy
I earn stripes, I got soldiers that'll flop you 4 it.
Now I'm bouncin with a hood rat
She think I love her, but I use her 4 her food stamps.
its the Ghetto, It's whateva, you cook it, I'll shoot it
And don't worry about them smokers, we keepin it movin.
I know Cubans that knows O's
If I ask for it, they send it by the boat load.
Weezy Wee, I think it's a wrap
And If you need me, you know where to find me at.
I'm in the hood.

[Courus x2]

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Uptown New Orleans, like always
Cash Money boy, shine like bald heads.
Big Bezel make my watch look like a hog head
And all I do is smoke trees, call me log head.
I'm b___er on the bread like Parkay
And I am all about me like Doe Ray(?).
I'm in the hood, i'm the hood like Dope, Yay
Nappy a__ hair like Buckwheat, Otay.
Hollygrove, Ether St. be my d___ hood
Where you can get murdered for free like can goods.
I got 12 Barbaros under the lamb hood
I can bring a Kentucky Derby to the d___ hood.
Sunshine diamonds help me tan good
And I'll let it blow like a band wood.
I call Briscoe, I'm on South Beach
30 mins. later, Opa-locka is where I'll be.

[Courus x2]

[Verse 3: Brisco]
Like Kroger cups, watered juice, pickled eggs, and pig feet
If you got beef, you know just where to find me.
I'm in the hood, or better yet, the projects
Where baby mama's trippin and them goons livin heartless.
3 rules, Get money, don't tell
and if that Welfare check come late, raise hell.
I'm a poor boy, I ain't got s___
And I hope they don't tell Baby, I'ma hit me a lick.
[Lil Wayne:]
Man, I'm so Hollygrove
Stand strong in that water like a Commodor.
Black holes in yo' white tee, Dominoes
Me and Briscoe, Cash Money carnivores.
I am New Orleans like carnivals
And in the hood, call me Weezy the honorable.
These other rappers so ironicle
And if I ain't in the mansion then I'm up in the Phantom or...