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Katatonia Lyrics

[december 92]

In silence enshrined through ages
A dying beauty on a journey far
Fading roses enchants the garden
Sleeping, dreaming of my bride

In quiescence faces borders the path
On the shore of no hope I am stranded
Fading roses enchants my grave
Sleeping, dreaming of my bride

Lift my remains from water violent
Unite the body with a serene sky
Enlight my wounds with healing tongue
The portrait is kissed in a solemn night

In silence enshrined through ages
A rotten beauty on a journey far
Blackened roses celebrates my death
How I never could reach my bride

Putrid faces engulfs the path
To the shore of no hope, a bridge
Blackened roses in the cradle of sleep
Whispers: "our death is eternal"

In silence I fall through sorrows
A dying lord on eternal journey
Your face is torn and lifeless
And the passage is locked now forever

Tearful my face borders the path
Sleeping, dreaming of my bride
And freezing my soul is praying
"take me the way, through the night"

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