Julie Elias In His Plan Lyrics

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I know I’m not the first to fall, I’m not the first to feel so jaded
Or make her life too complicated
Though I, I saw the writing on the wall, I didn’t listen to its meaning
And this world is so misleading
Fighting for so long, need to give it up and let him be my guide
His word, like the moonlight on the snow
He’s the light throughout my journey
On a path I don’t yet know
His hope, like a calm upon the sea
I know every storm's revealing
A future he’s written for me
In His plan
Sometimes I still think I know best, that I can face this world alone
So much was wrong, I should have known
Now I feel like my goals are out of reach and my plans all fell apart
Dreams extracted from my heart
What if these dreams were blinding me to all God has planned for me?

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