Barathrum In Darkness I Fly Lyrics

Hailstorm Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Deep From the Depths
  • 2 In Darkness I Fly
  • 3 Pure Flame Crown
  • 4 Highest Beast
  • 5 Lord of South and Fire
  • 6 Spears of Sodom
  • 7 Marks on My Skin
  • 8 Winter of the Black Snow
  • 9 Battlecry
  • 10 Gate to Jetblack Desires
  • 11 Hailstorm Trilogy: Slavery & Delusion
  • 12 Hailstorm Trilogy: Inferno Winds
  • 13 Hailstorm Trilogy: Hailstorm
  • I won't remember this journey
    but pain
    it will be part of my memories

    Bursting inferno
    it blows fire
    it burns
    it burns oh so sweltering heat

    Truely strong survive
    false burns
    even inside myself
    I'll survive
    by the power of my black mind

    Claws of darkness
    Darkness of evil
    swoop on prey
    my claws... my claws

    In darkness I fly

    Rise of the power
    inside myself
    Rise of my brother
    and friend
    Bloodred and
    jetblack blessings
    upon my head
    upon my mind

    Black of my heart
    Black of my blood
    Black of my mind
    Pure black from the pit

    I have been so lonely
    lonely in darkness
    Darkness which tortures
    Darkness which delights

    In darkness I fly
    I won't remember this journey
    but pain
    that be part of my memories

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