Amaran Imperfect Lyrics

A World Depraved Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Faith Healer
  • 2 Rusty Warhorse
  • 3 Void
  • 4 Daffodil
  • 5 Lullaby
  • 6 Imperfect
  • 7 Little Victory
  • 8 Karma in Flesh
  • 9 Received a Kiss
  • 10 Ode
  • It's not easy to avoid who we ought to be
    We're sighing then we're dying

    We're only human with our eyes closed
    We're only children of the sun
    Maybe we have forgotten or maybe it has always been like this
    Maybe we have forgotten that this machine kills

    Are busy sighing, then you're truly dying
    Do you still pretend to hear the angels cry
    Are you still suffering or is it okay now
    I can't believe this one track mind
    Emancipation is a two-edged sword
    This is not what I call freedom


    Come a little closer, little closer
    Hear me plead

    Have you seen the first dawn of a new tomorrow
    Do you still pretend to stand branded by the light
    Now we're still suffering and it ain't okay at all
    I can't believe we're so small
    Still not what I would call freedom

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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