Unlord Impaled Liar Lyrics

Gladiator Track Listing
  • 1 Into the Gates
  • 2 Hell's Gates Are Opened
  • 3 Swallow All Pride
  • 4 Victory!
  • 5 Evil Spawn
  • 6 Bloodgrief
  • 7 Slavesend
  • 8 Impaled Liar
  • 9 Hellbender
  • 10 Crushed 'til Death
  • 11 Hymn of the Gladiator

  • From the womb is arising a new breed
    Born from the horned one's powerseed
    6 little goats with a human touch
    6 pair of eyes like unclean rust

    Impaled Liar

    Thrown is the beast out of the devils womb
    Bringing the salvation of unholy doom
    Upon mankind and its stupid breed
    Delivered in the hands of satanic greed

    Impaled liar
    Let the master come in human form
    Impaled Liar
    For he shall be followed by a thousand and one
    Impaled Liar
    He shall avenge and give the earth to the righteous one
    Impaled Liar
    Born is evil, satans son

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