Becoming the Archetype Immolation Lyrics

The Physics of Fire Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Physics of Fire, Part 3: Epoch of War
  • 2 Immolation
  • 3 Autopsy
  • 4 The Physics of Fire, Part 1: The Great Fall
  • 5 Nocturne
  • 6 The Monolith
  • 7 Construct and Collapse
  • 8 Endure
  • 9 The Physics of Fire, Part 2: Fire Made Flesh
  • 10 Second Death
  • 11 The Physics of Fire, Part 4: The Balance of Eternity
  • Oh the misery of my people
    I've heard them crying out
    Their lamentation
    The deafening sound of sorrow
    Clothed in anguish
    They've been enslaved for generations
    But now the time has come
    I will deliver them
    One fire burns within my soul
    Consuming all of the doubt in my mind
    Infusing my soul with purpose again
    Awake from sleep my chosen people
    Break the bonds of slavery and step out into new life
    Hear the word spoken through flame
    A fire that cannot be quenched

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