Paul Carrack If You'd Ever Needed Someone Lyrics

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Stop right there and listen
Before you say something you might regret
I know something's missing
But I can't begin to accept what you said
Maybe, you can show me
Exactly where I'm goin' wrong
'Cause lately I've been thinking
Maybe I've been 'round here too long

If you'd ever needed someone in your life
Maybe then you'd know
Why my heart just wants you to stay
But my head tells me lo let her go
If you'd ever needed someone

One way or another
Whatever I do, it seems you criticize
Is there any wonder
The hurt that I feel is so thinly disguised?

I can't help but notice
Little things that tell me so much
Is it only a matter of time
Before I'm missing your tender touch?


If you'd put yourself in my place
You could never say what's gone is gone
If you'd ever needed someone

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