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Prince Lyrics

Look at the bargains over here, ladies

If I was your girlfriend, would you remember
To tell me all the things you forgot when I was your man?
Hey hey, when I was your man

If I was your best friend, would you let me
Take care of you and do all the things that only a best friend can?
Oh, only best friends can

If I was your girlfriend
If I was your girlfriend

If I was your girlfriend, would you let me dress you
I mean, help you pick out your clothes before we go out?
Not that you're helpless
But sometime, sometime those are the things that bein' in love's about

If I was your one and only friend
Would you run to me if somebody hurt you even if that somebody was me? Yeah
(Even if that somebody was me?)
Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be...please!

If I was your girlfriend
If I was your girlfriend

Would you let me wash your hair?
Could I make you breakfast sometime?
Well then, could we just hang out
I mean, could we go to a movie and cry together?
'Cause to me baby, that would be so fine (That would be so fine)

(If I was your girlfriend) [Repeats]
Baby, can I dress you
I mean, help you pick out your clothes before we go out?
Listen girl, I ain't sayin you're helpless
But sometime, sometime those are the things that bein' in love's about

Sugar, do you know what I'm saying to you this evening?
Maybe you think I'm being a little self-centered
But I, I said I want to be all of the things you are to me
Surely, surely you can see

(If I was your girlfriend) [Repeats]
Is it really necessary for me to go out of the room
Just because you want to undress?
We don't have to make children to make love

And we don't have to make love to have an orgasm
Your body's what I'm all about
Can I see it?
I'll show you
Why not?

You can do it because I'm your friend
I'd do it for you
Of course I'd undress in front of you
And when I'm naked, what shall I do?

How can I make you see that it's cool?
Can't you just trust me?
If I was your girlfriend, you could
Oh yeah, I think so

Listen, for you naked I would dance a ballet
Would that get you off?
Tell me what will
If I was your girlfriend, would you tell me?

Would you let me see you naked then?
Would you let me give you a bath?
Would you let me tickle you so hard you'd laugh and laugh

And would you, would you let me kiss you there
You know, down there where it counts
I'll do it so good, I swear I'll drink every ounce
And then I'll hold you tight and hold you long
And together we'll stare into silence

And we'll try to imagine what it looks like
Yeah, we'll try to imagine what, what silence looks like
Yeah, we'll, we'll try to imagine what silence looks like
Yeah, we'll try

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