Young Buck If I Have To Lyrics

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[Young Buck:]
Coo, turn me up my nigga,
Eminem we coming for your ass,
Ain't that right coo,
Man we go too hard for real,

Shoot a nigga dead right now if I have to,
Hop out... and just blast you,
Snatch him out of shareview,
Take what's on his wrist let the young niggas strip it,
Set that home bricks,
You want that quarter ounce I can really give you six if I had to,
I can get a million from sticks I get at you,
I'm pissed, you don't want your name on that list,
When we come through nigga we don't miss,
Throwing shells out da chopper,
You would think I pitch it's the way I swing my arm,
Hold it with a grip, now would you sell dope if I have to,
Rob if I had to, file bankrupt and go hard if you had to,
Just don't answer what the FBI asked you,
When you get your time sheets the streets do your math to,
I ain't made it out, how can I come back and grab you,
Kill a rapper I do that too if I had to.

Somethings getting in the way
Somethings just about to break,
Lord tell me how it should be,
Somethings getting in the way
Somethings just about to break,

[Young Buck:]
I'm being serious, if I had to, I'd sell...
Let these bills just keep come in too fast,
Get ready to get the mask and strap for your stash,
I was doing the math, let everything subtract it,
Divided losses and profit didn't like...
Now imagine (imagine) spend it all on your dreams,
Better yet imagine a double digit singer in your genes,
We... like fuck it I'm buggin',
Heat the house with the oven, watch the... cause it's coming
My life real, what they talking bout nothing,
What you know about hustlin', sufferin', recoverin',
Huh, bagging up, shipping, handling, smuggling,
Doing the middle man, laundry, doubling,
They still on the same shit I be on some other shit,
Like you don't have to like me, laughing to the bank,
I'm loving it, ha, yeah right,
I done this shit all with a grin,
They say I'm crazy (you crazy),
Cause I do it again if I had to.


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