Too Phat feat. Liyana If I Die Tonight Lyrics

360° Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Story That Must Be Told (intro)
  • 2 Alhamdulillah
  • 3 Just a Lil' Bit (original censored)
  • 4 Tell Shorty
  • 5 Nasty Girl
  • 6 Walk With Me
  • 7 Ala Canggung (Do You Wanna Have a Party?)
  • 8 Worda Wordee Wordoo
  • 9 Global Mic Infinite (skit)
  • 10 6 MC's
  • 11 I Wanna Break (Shoutout interlude)
  • 12 I Wanna Break
  • 13 Where My Love At?
  • 14 Ali Baba & The Mic Thieves
  • 15 If I Die Tonight
  • 16 Just a Lil' Bit (the remix censored)
  • 17 Me & You (outro)
  • (feat. Liyana Lil' Boogie)

    Verse 1
    If I die tonight
    What would I do
    On my last day
    I know I'd wake early
    In the morn' for crack
    Of dawn's last pray
    Then prolly go for breakfast
    Like I used to do
    Fried kuey teow FAM
    And roti canai at Raju's
    With my boo
    And friends from way back
    Neighborhood homies
    Extended fam
    They only know me
    As that same cat
    With that shaved head
    Rocking Cross Colors
    Sneaks to school
    Writin' rhymes at the back of class
    Playing tricks on fools
    Then I'd come back to the crib
    Tidy up a bit
    Y'all know my room's messy
    Though classy
    Start arrange my ish
    Line up my shoes one by one
    Start with Jordans
    And end with them Air Force Ones
    Put a Post-it on the tongue
    Of each one
    With the name of each dun
    I think I know my homies
    And who would want which one
    Get on the phone
    And holla' at everybody
    It's nearly noon
    Gots to have lunch
    With the family
    Then spend the last day
    I don't know
    Try do a million other things
    Hoping somehow
    Time will slow
    I guess what
    I'm trying to say is
    Take everyday
    Like it was your last
    Work towards your dreams
    Before you pass
    And have a blast
    While you at it
    'Cause we don't know
    When we go go
    So make the best of it
    Just keep it real to yourself
    And to all people
    If y'all lost somebody before
    Remember there'll be a sequel

    Chorus (2x)
    If I die tonight
    You know it'll be alright
    Just smile for me
    Reminisce the fond memories

    Verse 2
    Well if I die tonight
    I wonder
    Where I'll be tomorrow
    Nobody cry please
    Push away the sorrow
    'Cause I ain't been
    The best of men
    The best of friends
    The best of mom
    And daddy's last son
    The best of anything
    Tell Joe here's a last one
    If I die tonight
    Would I be forgiven
    By all the people
    I been slackin' with
    When I was livin'?
    Those who I hurt their hearts
    Took advantage of
    And even lied to
    Hug you one last time
    For forgiveness
    Yeah I would like to
    If I die tonight
    Would you feel the loss?
    Tomorrow would you dial
    My number by accident
    Then suddenly... pause?
    If I die tonight
    I wonder who would get
    To keep my caps and shoes
    Jerseys, even my little
    Stuffed crocodile Coco too
    Get my cell phone
    Message everyone from A to Z
    Tell 'em this ain't Malique
    He passed away last night
    And pray he rest in peace
    If I die tonight
    Would you think of my room
    When you see blue
    Wanted to clean it up this morning
    But then I never knew
    If I die tonight
    What would happen to Tim
    How long would it take
    Before she kissed another man?...
    God damn...
    At fast food joints
    Would she still order
    The same combo meal for two?
    Things I wish I knew...

    Chorus (2X)
    If I die tonight
    You know it'll be alright
    Just smile for me
    Reminisce the fond memories

    Verse 3
    A cute lil' thing
    To many eyes
    To me you were simply
    A beautiful thing
    I tell no lies
    We went from
    Mere invisible friends
    To pals real tight
    Rendezvous up on the net
    To chitty chat all night
    I used to pick you up
    Until you got your own ride
    A slammin' two door whip
    A grey 36-72
    Lookin' all slick
    Remember when I asked why this
    You said because it's real fast
    So you can rush
    To see your boy after class
    The last time
    We met was '01 September
    You left feelin' upset over... something
    I can't remember...
    I never apologized
    Till January 10th 2003
    When I heard you passed away
    When I was deep in my sleep
    Your loss taught me
    Not to take my friends for granted
    Gotta slam it quick
    Death you never plan it
    You're sorely missed down here Wawyn
    Rest in peace
    This too shall pass
    But our true friendship will never cease...

    Chorus (till end)
    If I die tonight
    You know it'll be alright
    Just smile for me
    Reminisce the fond memories

    *Dedicated to the loving memory of Zehan Azureen 1982-2003*

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