Queensrÿche If I Could Change It All Lyrics

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She said, "Baby, where you been?
Why'd you have to leave me?
I'm on the other side... just looking in."
I've been so high; I climbed to the mountaintop
Looked at myself and... cried

I'd tell you anything you want to hear
And I'd desert you when I'm through
I'd say anything because true love don't mean a thing
To a man, who's not a man, but a fool

Look at me!
[ Voices: You're a model of efficiency. ]
I'm always doing what he tells me
[ Voices: How can you change it now? ]

I'm always looking for it down deep inside
I thought that this would change my life
[ Voices: Have you found out? ]
Yeah, I remember more...
[ Voices: Can you change? ]
[ Voices: Can you change? ]
I remember... I can change

For years he must have cried a river of tears
In his dreams he saw himself... a dying man
Drawing figures, arrows in the sand
Mmm, I don't think he understands
Never thought that it would last forever
One glance back... nothing much to say
He watched as it all began spinning further and further from the truth

And nothing really matters, when your heart doesn't lead the way

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