Ice Ages Icarus Lyrics

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I cannot take the world's new turn
I cannot make the sun stop burning

I cannot stop the sun, it burns
Flaming my eyes, I cannot return

I cannot lose the time, I'm learning
Learning to leave this place alone

I cannot fake the inner yearning
I cannot find my faith, it is gone

How could you do it? What you did
Burned up my wings and made me creep

Trapped me inside of hopeless creeds
Threw me down to the abyss, deep

I cannot hate the sun, it's burning
I cannot stop the world, it's turning

I cannot touch the sun, I burn
But I know I was never wrong

How can you live immortal day?
How can you be reborn again?

How can you be so true but fake?
How could I make a fatal mistake?

How could you stay inside of me?
How could you make me trust onto thee

How could I take your sun, your l___?
Searing you, turning you into dust...

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