The Manhattan Transfer It's Not the Spotlight Lyrics

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If I ever feel the light again,
Shinin' down on me.
I don't have to tell you
How welcome it will be.
I felt the light before,
But I let it slip away.
I still keep on believin'
It'll come back someday.

It's not the spotlight.
It ain't the candlelight.
And it ain't the streetlight
Of some old street of dreams.
It ain't the moonlight,
Not even the sunlight.
But I've seen it shinin' in your eyes,
And you know what I mean.

Sometimes I try to tell myself:
"You know the light was never real,"
A fantasy that used to be the way I used to feel.
But you and I know better now,
Even though it's been so long.
If your memory really serves you well,
You'd never tell me I'm wrong.


If I ever feel the light again,
You know things will have to change.
Names and faces, homes and places,
Will have to be rearranged.
And you can help me come about,
If you're ever so inclined.
Ain't no rhyme or reason,
A woman can't change her mind.

[Chorus x 2]

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