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The Fall Lyrics

You try and change it
You try and arrange it
You try and shape it
But it's immortality, yeah
It's immortality

You cannot change it
Or rearrange it
It's immortality


That's where you're at, dear
You're shedding your mentality
But it's immortality
And you cannot buy it
You cannot put it in your pocket book
You cannot put it in your BCI
Don't try and shape it
'cause it's immortality
It's immortality, yeah
Immortality, yeah

It's where you're at, yeah

The Viking gods had it
[Lord/Nord] Odin had it
Don't try and change it
Don't try and put it in your pock-book-et
It's immortality
It's immortality, yeah

And you cannot change it
And you cannot rearrange it
And you cannot shape it
'cause it's reality, yeah
It's immortality, yeah
You cannot buy it
And that's all you're gonna get
From immortality

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