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The Rolling Stones Lyrics

If you really want to be my friend
Let me live it up like I used to do
If you really want to understand me
There's some giving up we got to do

I know ev'rybody wants to be your man
I don't want to tie you up, go ahead, you're free
And I never want to scar you with my brand
We could live it up, just a you and me

If you really want to understand a man
Let him off the lead sometimes, set him free
If you really, really want to be my friend
Give me the look of love, not jealousy

I know you think that life is a thriller
You play the vamp, I play the killer
Now baby, what's the use of fighting?
By the last reel we'll be cryin', cryin', cryin'

If you really want to be my man
Get your nails out of my back
Stop using me

You know I really, really want to be your friend
But just a little faith is all we need
I don't want no dog eat dog world for you and me
Get your nails out, stop bleeding me

You know, people tell me you are a vulture
Say you're a sore in a cancer culture
Ay, but you got a little charm around you
I'll be there when they finally hound you
Hound you, hound you

If you really want to be my friend
And I really want to understand you baby
If you really want to be my friend
If you really want to understand me
I really want to be your man
I want to try to give you a helping hand

I really want to be your friend
I want to push you when you're up
And pull you when you're down
If you really want you to understand me
I'll tell you something, that love can't thrive on jealousy

I really want to understand you
I really want to be your man
Cause understanding is something ev'rybody needs
I really want to be your friend
And I love you, love you, yes, I do

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