Lil Wayne IANAHB Lyrics

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I'm in the crib butt naked *****
She said my **** could be the next black president
Americans hate that I'm American
Medicine, I treat it like peppermints
Uh, I'm in the ocean getting shark *****
Shoot you in ya ****in' mouth and make you talk to me
Sometimes I need someone to talk to
'Cause I Am Not A Human Being, Part Two
Getting paid, show money for walk throughs
Lettin' all these hoes ride my ****, car pool
My bars passed the bar exam, no law school
Cash Money Army, veteran with my war wounds
Uh, whatcha man doing?
I pop his mutha****in' top like a canned good
And all my *****s that I roll with are hella armed
And last night I took a transformer
And had a dream that my **** turned to Megatron
But my girl, was sleeping with Decepticons
Money talks man and mine talks lecture long
P-U-S-S-Y, my second home
I be grindin' on them hoes like a half pipe
She say "Tunechi you the **** you need your *** wiped"
I say "Before you gas me up, check the gas price"
Then I make her take this **** like advice
She see-saw it, she suck it and enjoy it
I stick it in her *** like some ****ing steroids
Jose Canseco, make no mistake
Like a white boy wearing black paint
You're a fake *** *****
Break pads *****, wait
You ain't in my weight class *****
Lookin' for the mutha****in' man in the mirror
Runnin' this **** like a faucet, Farrah
Barra, cuda, who the **** you are?
I can make ya ***** root for me like I grew her
Bodies in the sewer, tampons in manure
90 billion *****es on my stick like a skewer
That's swag, I'm a true Blood, ***** no fangs
Been went pro, now I'm going propane
Tell the ***** get off me, ***** get off me
I got her over here blowing me like coffee
Decaffeinated, hand me that paper like I graduated
And I get head while it's decapitated
Think it's a game ***** come play
I'm with my killer B's, **** bug spray
Yeah, Young Money so gangsta
I personally know strangers
It's so strange but this girl named Dana
Like to go anal
Shoot 'em in his head, what's that? A no brainer
Plain ol' *****, but a break from the norm
I wear my heart on my sleeve
So don't be breakin' my arm
I rather ring ya ****in' neck
Before I ring the alarm
I dream to meet a serial killer
That'll bring me along wit 'em
I gotta hit 'em like red bones with long hair
**** with me, ya *** is grass, get a lawn chair
I was ****ing before my **** started growin' hair
*****es sweatin' me like John Mayer, or warm air
Man, nuts and bananas
You know how the tables turn, where are your table manners?
If you fake, put a egg in ya shoe and scramble
No rubber, I just ****ed this piano
Lou, do you

Turn it up
Hello world
As I always say
I am not a human being, 2

Written by: Dwayne Carter, Bryan Williams, Jermaine Anthony Preyan, Eric Robert Lewis
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group

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