Barry Manilow I’m Comin’ Home Again Lyrics

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Hello my friends I’ve been neglecting you a while
Maybe now we’ll know each other better
Time has a way of always turning up a smile
Now I’ve got the time to know you better

Not as crazy as I used to be
Some of my devils all have left me free
To find a quiet space
And not as out of place

I’m not as lonely as I was before
I don’t go unless there’s an open door to leave by
I’m starting to believe my own existence
Has a right to be

And I’m coming home again
It’s been too long a time
Getting back what's mine
And I can’t remember why I went away
But it’s looking now like maybe I can stay

The poets cry for dreams they never saw
The only certainty is nothing sure
And nothing stays the same
Go back where they came

I know my answers are still undefined
By taking chances I can start to find some reasons
Something to believe that I can make it through
I can make it through

Repeat Chorus
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