Dan Hill I Fall All Over Again Lyrics

Dance of Love Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 I Miss You Still
  • 2 I Fall All Over Again
  • 3 Is It Really Love
  • 4 Sorry
  • 5 Dance of Love
  • 6 Am I Fooling Myself
  • 7 Hold Me Now
  • 8 Flirting With a Heartache
  • 9 Don't Give Up on Us
  • 10 Through It All
  • 11 Losing You
  • 12 Sometimes Love Is Not Enough
  • I can't belive we met like this,
    Is it just coincidence?
    I had a feeling I'd be seeing you again.
    Your every bit as beautiful as the last time we met.
    When you told me, you were leaving, and going back to him,
    How I wish that I could tell you, it's all in the past.
    But I was never good at lying, and baby since you asked,

    I don't want to hear that song again, from the night we first met.
    I don't want to hear you wispering, things I'd rather forget.
    I don't want to look into your eyes, 'cause you know what happens next.
    We'll be making love and then,
    I fall all over again.

    I can't begin to tell you, just how sorry I am,
    That the man you built your dreams around, just broke your heart again.
    I think I know the feeling,
    'Cause I once loved you so much.
    That I swore I'd rather die, than live a day without your touch.
    If I held you in my arms you know, I'd never let you go,
    But this ain't the time or place to get emotional.


    I was crying when you kissed me,
    Then you walked out that door.
    Oh, you were always such a mystery.
    I still dream we're making love,
    Then I stop myself because,


    I fall all over again.

    Written by: Daniel Grafton Hill, Douglas James, Douglas Thomas James
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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