Stevie Wonder I Can't Let My Heaven Walk Away Lyrics

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I can't let my heaven walk away;
Just can't let my heaven walk away.
Just gotta find a way to make her stay.
I don't know what I've done wrong.
Look up and find my heaven gone.

Called her name, but I called in vain.
I know she can't answer from a picture frame.
Only an hour ago, I held her in real flesh and blood.
She just grabbed her coat and said: "please, I've had enough."
She kept me well like a Sunday prayer.
Just like my own right hand, the girl was always there.
To every man but me, her eyes were blind.
I was in the promised land long before my time.


I accused my baby of being a liar.
I said the flesh is weak in God's key trial.
I only asked her to hear her tell me no,
But my question back-fired; I didn't expect her to go.

[Chorus x 2]

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