Little Boots I Wish Lyrics

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Now i see me look like that before oh
I knew every word you said before you’d stop for the end of door
Can we hang it in baby way too long
I’d say way too long
Maybe i was wrong and i don’t belong no i don’t belong

And i wish you never look to me that way
And i wish i never asked you here to stay
And i wish we could have carried on this way
I wish i wish i wish i wish
I wish i never let you hold my hand

I wish i never tried to understand
I wish i was never part of your ..
I wish i wish i wish i wish


Is central, is central is central ..

I never felt so insecure oh
Knowin on a be around to catch me round i fall
He is all that ..what did i believe, what did i believe
We could ever be, we could ever be for eternity

[2 x Chorus:]

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