The Vaccines I Wish I Was a Girl Lyrics

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You walk into the room with refine and poise
Bewitching, enthralling all of the boys
You're so chic and you're so sweet
And oh

I wish I was a girl
Yeah I wish I was a girl

You seductive mystery
You're a revelation to me
Life is easy when you're easy on the eye
And I

I wish I was a girl
Yeah I
Wish I was a girl

Cause yr appeal's an open door
That you float through in year Haute couture
Dolce and Gabbana, Mcqueen ? Prada
? on mulberry, Givenchy and Escada

Oh I
I wish I was a girl

Written by: Arni hjorvar arnason, freddie cowan, justin james hayward-Young, peter gareth christopher robertson
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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