Collin Raye I Wish I Could Lyrics

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Looking out my window
See you playing in the leaves
It's amazing how a little girl
Means all the world to me
When I tell you that I love you
I love you more than words can say
Smile say cheese pretty please
I want to take your picture
How'd you ever get so big
I gotta take your picture
And hold on to the mem'ry before
The whole things slips away
I wish I could save these moments
And put 'em in a jar
I wish I could stop
The world from turning
Keep things just the way they are
I wish I could shelter you from
Everything not pure and sweet and good
I know I can't, I know I can't
But I wish I could

When you kiss me for no reason
It goes straight to my heart
When I feel your arms around me
I almost fall apart
It's time for bed
You whisper "daddy we forgot to pray"
I wish I could save these moments

When I watch you sleeping
All my worries slip away
A little bit of heaven
Close on your gentle face
I wish I could save these moments Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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