Vanishing Point I Will Awake Lyrics

Tangled in Dream Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Surreal
  • 2 Samsara
  • 3 Closer Apart
  • 4 Bring On The Rain
  • 5 Never Walk Away
  • 6 The Real You
  • 7 Two Minds And One Soul
  • 8 I Will Awake
  • 9 Dancing With The Devil
  • 10 Father (7 Years)
  • 11 Tangled In Dream
    CD 2
  • 1 Samsara II (newly recorded 2016 version)
  • 2 Separate Ways (Journey cover; first time ever on CD)
  • 3 On The Turning Away (Pink Floyd cover)
  • 4 The Endless Road (japan bonus “Distant Is The Sun”)
  • 5 Veil Of Deceit (japan bonus “The Fourth Season”)
  • 6 The Real You (live)
  • 7 Dancing With The Devil (live)
  • 8 Inner Peace (live)
  • 9 Hollow (live)
  • 10 Vanishing Point
  • A childlike cry of innocence
    Overcome by a guiding light,
    but I just want to rest

    Cascading shadows appear
    Breaking through a whirpool
    of broken dreams
    A merciless hand wipes the tears
    from my eyes as whispers turn into screams

    As I close my eyes
    The vivid rain, enclouds my momory
    If I'm dreaming don't wake me
    I will rise so easily
    As i close my eyes outside the world,
    lies in yesterday
    If I'm dreaming I will wake

    Breaking promises, breaking hearts
    A mind has been led astray
    Alone you walk a misguided path
    that no-one dares to stay
    Can I bring something back
    with me to show I was really there?
    And as I awake beside myself
    lost within my stare

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