The Cramps I Wanna Get in Your Pants Lyrics

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May I have this dance? Can I get in your pants? May I squeeze on them cshoes? Sing you maybe some blues? I wanna wear your rain coat. Dance around the house. Your leopard skin and chain tote. Has got me so aroused. Baby you got the clothes. You got romance. You got the moves. So, while I got the chance...I wanna get in your pants? To just unzip the back. Baby, that's where it's at. Can I try on that hat? Give you my baseball bat. Oh baby it's uncanny. Bout them there Sunday panties. Hey, today ain't Sunday. Get 'em off o' your f****. Oh, under your underpants. You got a wonderful a**. It's in the back o' my mind. But, meanwhile, back at the ranch. I wanna get in your pants. You know I'm in a band. And I can do handstands. I got this burning desire. To don that darling attire. How that elastic snaps. Against my kneecaps. I wanna wiggle into. Your powdered rubber skin...ooh. You got the clothes. You got romance. You got the boots. So, I just gotta ask. Can I get in your pants?

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