Necro I Wanna Fuck Lyrics

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I Wanna f***,f***
I Wanna f***,f***

I Want To f***,f***
I Wanna f***,f***
I want to get explicit with you
About my d*** b**** kiss it
Dont flipout prude lick it
If you diss it i'll p*** on you

banging you babe, you were born for d***
no your starring in my p*** flick
you get left with a torn c***, nasty action
were passed the attraction molest
were spreding you a** into fractions
and a** kiss and lap dance
bi-s**ual b**** that likes licking chicks
and sticking things in her intestenal pit her triple 6
dim the light in her skin tights shorts
that make men fight
youll soon be rocking a c*** in your wind pipe
pull down the zippers
shaving you mound with da clippers
your sensitive around the nipples like my d*** tip is
were getting frisky b**** frisk me like risky business
in the Nastassja Kinski tipsy
id like to leave my d*** in you forever
b**** whats your pleasure
I Wanna f***,f***
I Wanna f***,f***

I Want To f***,f***
I Wanna f***,f***

lets get you lubed up for a***
spread it poke it and stick it in
like an atm card ,a** to mouth it aint that hard
unless were talking bout my smackle
it stays hard like concert streets and steal
and that amount to your metal
your honey dripping p**** is insensanion, replaceable
b**** you make your money stripping good for you now break of your foul
your the princes of horal momoral never rest in your lorals
trying to lick it off the poles
your a motha f**** thats hot
perfect eye browls and make up
candy lips silk panties and suckable t***
i love your style
satanic body liek afrodity
hot like manicotty
you wnat it youll have to fight me
music is an afrodyshiack
while f****** you moaning sounds similar like a classic pg track
i wanna get intoxicated off your s**uality my c**** invaded
I Wanna f***,f***
I Wanna f***,f***

I Want To f***,f***
I Wanna f***,f***
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