Jeremy Jordan I Wanna Be With You Lyrics

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Oh yeah... baby.. yeah.. i want....
When she walked right by, i cannot deny her attraction, was more than i could stand.. should i stop and stare.. i cannot ignore, should i speak or just let it go...
I don't even know her name, but she had me when she looked in my eyes.. should i lay it on the line or would it be a waste of time...
Chorus: i want to be with you (hey) i want to make you mine (mine) i want to give all my time (i want to give you all of my time) if you will let me know (let me know) if this the kind of sign , that th
Traction is newly found.. come on baby don't you know you got me sayin'

Hey... i want your lovin..
She didn't realized, or wishin made me feel inside, i wonder if you feeling it too... gotta take my time, don't want to put a rush in her.. 'cause if i do, it maybe too soon.. oh yeah..
I've gotta get to know that girl, if it's the last thing that i'd do.. i wonder if there's someone special, 'cause if not, may be i could be the one...
Hey.... hey... hey..... baby
Girl you didn't realized..when you looked in to my eyes....etc

Written by: Darcy Toure Aldridge, Donald K. Parks, Emanuel Wells Officer, John M. Howcott
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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