Gerald Levert I Wanna Be Bad Lyrics

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Her night lights up
They're playing our favorite slow jam
I tip the D.J. say play it again Sam
'Cause I know that you know that I want to
Do you
Rub you down with hot oils into you
I call it love you call it a sin
But when I'm finished you say do it again
Girl, you like it I ain't mad
That's because I just want to be bad

I'm tired of playing games
You always say the same old things
Come on let's be for real
You know how good I'll make you feel
Come on Baby

I want to be bad tonight
Let's do it Baby
Be naughty so naughty
I want to be bad tonight
Oh let's be naughty

I'll kiss you from head to toe
I'll show you things you never been shown
Just come and stay awhile
I swear I'll have you wearing a smile
Come on Baby

Repeat 1
I want to keep you satisfied
I want to make you feel good
No matter how hard, how hard you try

Girl give me this chance
I want to show you what it feels like
To have a true romance

Repeat 1
I want to be bad tonight
Come on come on Baby
Be naughty so naughty

Champagne whatever you desire
Lie on the floor I'll put logs on the fire
I'll break out strawberries and whip cream
Can you imagine it like a dream

So put on your sexy lace and sweet perfume
And I'll put on my certain Fruit of the Loom
So baby be ready when I come to your hotel
No more Mr. Nice Guy it's time to be bad

(Ad lib)
Repeat 1
I want to be bad tonight
Be naughty so naughty
I want to be bad tonight your ecstasy

(Ad lib)
Repeat 1

Written by: Tony Nicholas, Gerald Levert
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group

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