Mystikal I Smell Smoke Lyrics

Ghetto Fabulous Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Round Out the Tank
  • 2 There He Go
  • 3 Keep the Hype
  • 4 That’s That Nigga
  • 5 Ghetto Fabulous
  • 6 Life Ain’t Cool
  • 7 I’m on Fire
  • 8 Watcha Want, Watcha Need
  • 9 The Stick Up
  • 10 I Smell Smoke
  • 11 Respect My Mind
  • 12 Stack Yo Chips
  • 13 Dirty South, Dirty Jerz
  • 14 Yaah!
  • 15 Let’s Go Do It
  • 16 What’s Your Alias?
  • I'm in the land l.a. land of the stick
    Watch y'all *****z know bout dat purple weed *****
    Show y'all *****z some ****
    It's that sticky that bud

    Indo hydro open up the window
    I'm about to blow
    It's that fire
    ***** whach y'all whach y'all whach y'all got to roll em up wit

    Backwoods see vegas straight chocolate fillers black n milds
    Huh bro y'all *****z don't know nuttin about ?
    Cognac, j.o.b., 1.5
    Break it up, chop it up, cut it up, tuck it in

    Take the filler out, roll it up
    Light it , hit it , hold it, pass
    Puff puff blow it up!
    See some of y'all *****z be talkin bout blowin

    But can't handle the dolja
    Gettin sleepy and ****, quitting all early
    *****, you ain't no smoker!
    Y'all must be used to hittin that dirt

    Sticks with the brown buds
    Me? I ain't got **** else to do
    ***** I'm bout to get ****ed up!
    Two cases of green optimo burned away

    A.m. to turn to p.m.
    And nighttime to turn back to day!
    I'm (still smokin)
    Feelin' sporty in my hotel

    Spent the whole day gettin loaded!
    It's nuttin but smoke til there's nuttin to smoke
    It's nuttin but sticky and nuttin but dolja
    Disconnect the smoke detector and

    Put a wet towel up under the door!
    Nobody around, more dope for me
    I got the whole tree
    Leftovers for me

    Hoo, dis ***** off da hee
    Button up, suck em up, this pet peeve
    First off, don't put my lighter in yo pocket
    Second, don't wet my goddamn weed!

    That's just two, before I can get to three and four
    Five and six, I heard a doo doo doo doo at the door!
    Evidence all over
    I been doin somethin' serious

    Gotta hide this ****
    'Cause I know that's hotel security!
    I played it off
    I said "come back later, I ain't got on no clothes"

    He said "sorry sir, I don't mean to disturb you
    But I smell smoke!
    **** I just went to jail for that ****
    I ain't goin back, I done ate an ounce, and I'm a flush the rest

    'Cause I ain't goin' out like that!
    Sprayin cologne and cuttin' on da shower
    Tryin' to clear it up
    Workin' like a dog, but I gotta open the door

    **** it, here go nothin!
    The door swung open and some young *****
    Talkin' bout "what's happenin'"
    He said "I know you got dat fire, sell yo boy a sack"

    (Mystikal talking)
    Ain't that a *****
    Boy if you don't get yo ***** *** from outta here!
    *****, I'm thinkin you the **********in' police!
    I done threw all my **********in' weed away
    ****in' wit you, you ol' ***** *** *****
    *****, get yo **********in' hoe *** from outta here *****
    Before I stomp yo ***** ***!
    ****, boy this ***** done blew my mother ****in high
    (mystikal mumbling until end)

    Written by: Michael Tyler, Ou0027dell Vickers
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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