Roc Marciano I Shot the King Lyrics

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Real nigga play the feel with the long 40
Gave the cold like a pimp, dress all gordy
Jumping out of a gold 6 40, this is his story
Bitch I'm in it for the chips and the glory
Listeners adore me, fly hoes kneel before me
You're not fit to put your hand on a movie
You're rich but you're still corny
My crib's hit bottom rock cory
I'm up 25 stories, tied and get the shooters know the resume
Rest chevrolet ak, no pepper spray,
Your shades shoot through the picture like an x ray
Collect the pay where the meds play,
The chain hang by the chest play ignorant shit
Quarter million on the wrist, throw you in the water with the fish
Paint the town let the cape hang round, dip the J
Run the hood, dictate, how my dick taste, great
Squish grapes, move at a swift pace, get cake
They in between break the template, like an afe
The blade hit the free base, treat the brick like an inmate face
Run the brake like gave a win game get your shit straight
Squeeze to 15th like a big snake, fixate
Nice lips for a dick slave, bang, brain hang like a dingalang
Bring the banger, every day's like a cliff hanger
Tip the waiter, progress like ice skater
Knife, late night, dice saker, meet the maker,
Price, like paper, type slice pause I'm a baker
Polite nature, the waves with the light taker
45, that's a life changer

I swore oath on a chandelier, as inside the air on his throne
He turned his head, I shot him dead, don't you know
If I survive, I ain't never coming back, I shot the king, I shot the king

Yo, hit em up, jump in the truck, play the card, kicked up
My bass gator got scraped up, lace us up, from legit to corrupt
Lift the cup, your feet go up, at the key club
Keep the snob, sleep snob
Release slugs while my lady bug steam in the tub
Give me some guns and a mean plug, the team grub
Twisted green trup for the whole dub
Put on the gloves because, cut drugs, with the thugs
Before I had peace fuss moving on your turf with the good work, silk shirt
Low quill get killed, lift in fuck niggas kill, blood spilled
Hit the note left covered in filth
Get dead with the pistol concealed in the pin field
Spin your top like a pinguil
Sit still nigga chill with a bitch like miss brazil
Used to feel like a young warren hill
Cut the body at the saw mill, every song is a will
My life's on film, I write what I feel
Did my time in the phil, my mom full of diamonds is fill
Sniff the fish in the criss bill
It's the real, swiff with the steel
Hindu gil with the pill
I shoot girl from the feel?
Never miss, never will,
Click your heels, it's a deal
Quick get your wig peeled
You got fucked, how the dick feel?

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