Lil' Wyte I Sho Will Lyrics

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[Intro - DJ Paul]
Yeah... Hypnotize Minds... Lil' Wyte...
It's going down... the club crazy right now..
I don't believe you'll do... we don't believe you...
Yeah... yeah... finish It!... what!..

[Chorus - Lil' Wyte] x2
Will you beat 'em to the flo' in the club?! (I sho will!)
Will you jack 'em even if they ain't dub?! (I sho will!)
If he actin' like a bitch!, we gon' treat 'em like a bitch!
If he actin' like a bitch!, we gon' treat 'em like a bitch!

[Verse 1]
You motherfuckers want true colors i got white and i got black
Bay area motherfuckers comin' soon as i step off the track
if you actin' like a bitch, we gon' treat em like a bitch
if this hater got stomped to the floor, thank god for all this shit
Frayser bizzle, Dj Pizzle, Lil Wyizzle, Hypnotizzle
Run the Shizzle fo shizzle roll up another one my nizzle
i gotta maintain i gotta get change
i got to rip this mic from california to maine
and take it over to spain, send it to the Dominicans
tell em to examin it and start jammin all of my sinitist
make sure that they remember this, like if it was some religious shit
the white go ghetto, platinum, honkey rippin it
and take it to the bank,get to deposit slip and fill it out
write it for thirty thousand turn around and shove it in your mouth
you reviewing hypnotize and youll see nothin but potential
people gettin beat to the flo and it all started with a pencil

[Chorus - Lil' Wyte] x2

[Verse 2]
Check it out im new on the scene Lil Wyte lighted with gasoline
fire breathin gettin closer to the grass that isnt green
which means your team is expired to the back of the pack
sixteen bars on the side and knowledge on every track
Holdin it down, never happend, gettin my crown keep on rappin
And even at 75 imma still be able to work my magic
Beater, willing nothing till the next generation
A rising legacy shinin the cross of soberbination
Need a passport luggage and a new wardrobe
50 billion but ill settle for 2.4
check the scans im the man in this independent land
No video or no single record countin g's like i be damned
This white cat can rap and put on a good show
its funny how this music can put me down to the flo
i got to give it raw i got to give it dirty
whatever city your reppin beat em down if ya heard me

[chorus - Lil' Wyte] x2

[Verse 3]
See I done seen the brighter days smokin plenty lightin hating
My album hit a hundred thousand now shit been going my way
I give my props to my pops give my props to my mouth
Give my props to the camp give my props to the south
Now i'm drunk and i'm high but I bet you already knew it
You buck as me you buck as us and we twice as buck as u
Security started movin' to the middle of the crowd
Only if he got a gun will I agree to shut it down
I ain't trying to get shot by no motherfucking punk
I know by days this shit too many drinkin' and all of a sudden crunk
Pick me up let me out blow me up and bump me loud
Too many styles be coming up out of me that whenever I hit the crowd
I have a high page game face eye balls poppin' out his face
Keeping with this shit tryin' to stay awake what you think?
Only cracker good enough to be down with the six
Clearly understood that this is some original gangsta shit

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