TISM I Shit Me Lyrics

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Work, play; Night, day -
They shit me.

Good, bad; Happy, sad -
They shit me.

He, she; They, we -
They shit me.

Rich, poor; Less, more -
They shit me.

Out, in; Fat, thin -
They shit me.

Black, white; Left, white -
They shit me.

Epistemology shits me;
Ontology shits me;
Phraseology shits me;
Scatology shits me;
Life shits me;
This song shits me;
Even shit shits me;
But they don't shit me one tiny, eentzy, weentzy, miniscule, macroscopic, nanoseismic, pan-insignificant,

zoophytic, neo-nonexistent little bit compared to the way
I shit me.

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