The Beach Boys (I Saw Santa) Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree Lyrics

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Hey Adam, you'll never guess what I saw tonight?
I saw mami kissing Santa Claus. That's right.
They were listening to music and their voices were low
and he looks a lot like someone that you and I both know

Well, I saw Santa rockin' around the Christmas tree
and mama was as closed to Santa as you are to me.

They filled up the socks,
but before it could go
they started to kiss,
Santa just couldn't go.

Well, I saw mama help Santa decorate the tree
with little bit of presents and candy came for you and me.

He started to leave,
then he turned around,
I made a noise,
I was sure to be found.

I saw mama kissing Santa near the mistletoe,
yeah and he looked like someone I thought you ought to know.