Mystikal I Rock, I Roll Lyrics

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Huh, BOOM! Huh.. guess who it is?
I rock, I roll.. tear this ************ up (tear this ************ up)
Let's get ready to rumble!!

I come in this ***** to get paid to bust flow, I come for the gumbo
They know me for kickin' they *** from here to El Segundo
Let's get ready to rumble!
**** sparks, spit flames the coldest thing up under the sun though

Spendin your money on them *****z
you're wastin you time cause I'm the one hoe!
Smokin the blunt smoke, stay out of my bundle
I swung with the blast, I've never been matched

I hop on the track like a jump rope
I come with the guillotine to cutthroat
Holdin it down, ****in why'all up
but the rest of them suckers be unsho'

Me? YEAH, I'm blessed - if you don't know
Pack a big boner, heavy strutured AND hung low
Wrecking-ball nuts and **** touch the flo'
If it's on yo' chest then ***** let me know!!

I hope you don't think I'm a runnin
I know you don't think I'm scared
You must of forgot who the **** that I am
The man with the braids - BEWARE!!

That's yo' *** Mr. Postman
Got them *****z stompin and swingin with both hands

[Chorus: x2]
I rock, I roll
Tear this ************ up - let's get ready to rumble!
Shuttin systems down! You ready for war?
Start somethin, start fightin

Chorus 1/2 again
Bats and pipes - broken bottles, glass, and knives
Jump in the mix and don't handle yo' business
and a ***** gon' turn out yo' lights!!
You'll be gettin' yo' stupid self up
askin' the people "Which one of why'all hit me?"
I don't know the way you went down looked like the ground was slippery
Attack 'em with sawed-offs, and *****z get throwed off
The party get called off, when *****z get sawed-offs
Go get my meat to meet and give me that raw dog
You, go get you a nasty, givin that ***** you bought off
I come with the real
I be with them *****z with booted up grills
We don't do promotional shows that **** don't pay my bills
Keep it in the ballin ballin, promoters callin
Videos jumpin off ***** this the real New Orleans!
My neck of the woods, my side of the hood my part of town
Thugs, drugs, and violence - why'all *****z is watered down
When I perform I'm that calm
And I'm the **** on the record I hit the studio and show 'em!

I rock, I roll
I roll, we by hype
Knockin 'em out, throwin 'em away, keep 'em off
Takin 'em out, bustin they head, breakin 'em off!

{*Mystikal ad libs to fade*}

Written by: Raymond Poole, Michael L Tyler
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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