Necro feat. Manson Whore & Dick Nasty I Remain Stiff Lyrics

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(feat. Manson Whore & Dick Nasty)

Hi this is dick nasty and your listening to necro the sexorcist. I'm a jolly ol' chap and pussy is my weakness

Chorus (x2)
I'll keep your dick hard necro 'cause I'm a slut, a sexy piece of shit that takes it in the butt/
I got insane tits, you remain stiff/

You strippers dance around a pole, put your lips around a pole, this bitch had a brown stain right around her hole, never heard of a toilet bowl/
You'll see necro dances, during sexual advances, you bitchis want intellectual ances/
What do I do for a livin', a suck pussy I'll leave your cunt shiverin', my dick's driven, I'll take a girl out to dinner, if I think I'll get in her, I'll fucken win her/
There's nothin' like a hoe with big jugs, addicts thugs/
I got a tit in each hand/ each tit'll get bitten and jammed/ in my mouth then I'll spit on your mams/
Prepare to blitz, make you shit, my dick barely fits, hairy clits, them shit some scary shit, when I die bury me between a pair of tits/
I feel your flesh heat, my fresh meat, biet a tit and make your breast bleed, I'm Toni Tedseki/
You know what panties skiis, so every man can see, I got fantasies, og you on your hands and knees, don't let your girl hang with me I'm cold like anti-freeze, I'll take advantage G/
Make every lobe hotter, some juice dribbles out your cunt like a Globe Trotter/
Your chick is hot, she can get a hot sticky cock, I got bitches that are down to lick a stinky sock, they suck my diack alot, but I never trick the twat/
Grab it lick it up and down the shaft, suck it 'till you barf I'ma kick back and laugh/
Every vein bitch, I REMAIN STIFF!

Chorus (x2)

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