Webbie feat. LeToya Luckett I Miss You Lyrics

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[Webbie talking]
Hello, Young Savage
What you doin'?, Trill E-N-T
(I'll be missing you, I'll be missing you), Webbie

I ain't been home in a few days(I miss you)
I know you do, I ain't goin' lie I miss you too
Come kiss me through the phone, I'ma kiss you too
Now I'm a hit you in a minute-gotta get this loot

Girl we got us somethin' special, I know it ain't nothin' better
You can trust me cause I'm tellin' ya I don't want nothin' else
You get lonely you can just use the pictures up on the dresser
I ain't never think a woman could have me this lil' feelin'

Girls will walk up on me flirtin', I be tellin' 'em, "nah I'm chillin'"
Hug you till I go to sleep just to squeeze you like my lil' pillow
Then I wake up Monday mornin'don't come back till Friday
In my whole 'nother whip, sittin on 6's with tinted windows

Baby phat bags, all the purses with matchin' slippers
You done heard I ****ed this dumb ***** now you mad trippin'
Tears in ya eyes, yellin' you tired of my fast livin
I'm just happy for to see ya, goddamn...I miss you

Since you went away, I been down and lonely
Since you went away, I been thinking of you
Ooooooh I'm missing you, Ooooooh I'm missing you

From rags to riches, if that **** was to hit me again
I'd have to bring you with me again
It done been a lot of stuff I found myself in
And you stuck by a ***** like my left hand

It wasn't all this at first, till we just kept prayin'
Now I'm on-and you a bad *** *****, Yes ma'am
And oh yes ma'am as soon as I get home it's goin' be work time
And you know us we like to **** like it's the first time

You tell the first time for some reason
I knew that I was stayin' and I figured you wasn't leavin'
I know that I don't need ya, but be feelin' like I need ya
When it come to certain people, I act like I got a meetin'

But I just wanna please ya-trust me they just wanna be ya
Whenever I ain't wit ya baby I can't wait to see ya
I gotta keep it G and say I love ya, cause I'm for real
I wash away all the tears, we been doin' this **** for years


Ya everything I need, couldn't have asked for more
Boy you know you were, waitin' for
I know you wonder why I'm standin' at the door
To let you know, I miss you

And you will see it in my eyes
You're the completion to my life
Ain't even a question, you already know
But I remind you that, I miss you

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