Raven-Symoné I Love You Lyrics

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some one asked me todaay
all the things i love
and of all the things i'd say
wich one i'd place highest above

But.I fall inlove so much
noway i could decide
thennn the answer came so clear.
like it was there all along!
Now after i thank good lord above .
for this day i av
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Undeniable Track Listing
CD 1
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  • 2 I Can Get Down
  • 3 Hip Hoppers
  • 4 Slow Down
  • 5 Best Friends
  • 6 People Make the World Go Round
  • 7 Bounce
  • 8 I Love You
  • 9 Lean on Me
  • 10 With a Child's Heart (Ballad version)
  • 11 Pure Love
  • 12 With a Child's Heart (Uptempo remix)
  • 13 CH (International House mix)
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