Princess Superstar feat. JZone I Love You (or at Least I Like You) Lyrics

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Baby you got what I need
Try to sleep I haven't slept, try to eat I forget
**** where's your number hope that's the one I kept
Now we just met and I suspect I might just love you
Well you can bet I'm mad thinkin of ya, don't want to trouble ya
Check my dress -about the same color as my BMW
Think about my hand round that penis damn son you just had a stroke a genius
Like Manson your eyes are like gone crazy like Macy Gray I'm a get you up and do somethin

[JZone rhyme]
Fine, OK, so that's the way you like it get you Henny but watch it I might spike it
If you were wearin a skirt I'd tell you to hike it and when we get down best believe I'm a mic
You must be used to all this winin and dinin just drink your wine and don't want to hear your
Gonna get mine, no fights aight, I'm ****ing you tonight
I'll throw rocks at your window while you sleep at home and if that don't work well I'll just
throw you this song

[JZone:] Well if you ever feel freaky I'll be your ho
But if you ain't got my cash I'll be out the door

[JZone rhyme]
I like it dirty hottie, buy you Karl Kani, Armani, lick Criss off Punani

[JZone rhyme]
Male ho huh? I'm a make you my housewife, get your *** indoors, please, see I asked nice

[JZone rhyme]
Get back here lobster costs 35 bucks, I want an hour for each dollar that's 35 ****s
No hugs just my diamond thug come on baby baby give me that nasty love

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