Tank I Love U Lyrics

Well, well
Come on, everybody, wave ya hands
If ya feel me
I know we got some love in the building
Everybody, hear me sing

It's been a long time comin'
But a change is bound to come
Somehow I knew I'd lose you
'Cause of the man that I've become
Only reason for you stayin' with me
Is you remember what we had
I'd give up the brightest future
To get those old days back

I never, ever meant to
Waste yo' time (I want you to know)
Every time I said I love you
It wasn't no lie (I want you to know)
That I miss livin'
That's a cold feelin'
Without you in my life
That's a slow killin'
But I know better
You deserve better
And through whatever
Forever I...

I love you
If this is the end
And we don't talk again
Let me say
That I love you
Somehow I went wrong
Hope you hearin' this song
Let me say
That I'm sorry for not being the man
I promised I'd always be
But I love you
And that's just the real
Hope you still feel it
Coming from me

It's been a long time comin'
Now everybody knows my name
Seems I've traded in my woman
For this fortune and fame
The times she really needed me
And her faith was runnin' low
I took time to please everyone else
But not the one closest to my soul



Written by: Durrell Babbs, Melvin N Coleman, Keri Lynn N Hilson, Emanuel N Johnson, Michael N Stokes
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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